Hothouse is a consultancy specialising in identifying and resolving issues facing companies in the retail and service sectors. We have a proven track record in assessing matters and providing realistic and cost effective solutions.

Core areas of expertise include:-

We take a commercial view of business life. We work with our clients, developing the required practical improvements that are right for them. Our solutions are designed to deliver significant efficiencies and financial savings, generating additional profit going straight on to the bottom line.

Whether you are growing or re-engineering your company, Hothouse services are created to provide both short-term wins as well as achieving longer-term strategic goals. The focus of any resolution is a combination of the ratio between efficiency to value, profit levels and providing a sustainable fix that will continue to deliver a return over time.

Typically, Hothouse works with small to medium sized companies, or teams within larger organisations, needing to undertake specific tasks or initiatives as a result of being resource short, time poor or require additional specialised skills.

For further information on how the Hothouse team can assist your business please contact us.

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