Hothouse offers bespoke training services developed to meet specific client requirements and sustainable solutions that continue to deliver a return over time.

The essence of all our training and workshops is to provide learning experiences in a safe environment. Each customised course is planned carefully with the stakeholder/lead contact to ensure the content is directly applicable to individual client's needs. All programmes run to identify and improve current company issues remain confidential to each client.

Participants experience multi-sensory and practical training and leave sessions with skills that can be immediately applied to working and personal situations. Hothouse training is designed to be interactive, hands on, relevant to the clients working environment, with limited use of jargon. PowerPoint is only used if the presentation materially contributes to learning!

To minimise disruption, Hothouse is pleased to now offer training sessions in the late afternoon/early evenings or at weekends if staff are unable to be released from their responsibilities during the working day.

Core training topics include:-

Process Changes

Embedding new processes are important aspects of increasing productivity and improving synergy within teams, especially during times of change. Sessions are planned specifically to cover all your trading goals. By devoting time, away from distractions, to explore the required changes, these trainings give employees the chance to gain clearer understandings of the new working practices as well as the reasoning for them.

Advanced Communication Skills

The art of effective communicating is a powerful tool. Whether you wish to:-

  • Influence
  • Sell an idea, product or service
  • Clarify the meaning of someone else's communication

we believe clear communications are key to commercial growth and profitability.

Hothouse specialises in advanced communication techniques offering coaching to teams as well as individuals. Training sessions and workshops assist in improving understanding and productivity as well as minimising conflict across companies.

There are some very simple guidelines to dramatically improve all forms of communication at every level of an organisation, regardless of the format being used. Small tweaks can have a massive impact on the success of your business communications.


The ability of a leader or manager:-

  • to have a flexible approach
  • recognise another persons' view of the world

is an essential part of communicating effectively. This is a core competency of a person's ability to relating and influencing others.

Hothouse provides a wealth of skills improving awareness and techniques to deal more easily with the differences within business life and leading others. Our courses are designed to supply proficiencies to plug ability gaps, work more effectively with teams at the same time as, being a clear and successful leader, achieving company goals.

Looking at issues from different perspectives

Having the flexibility to look at situations through someone else's eyes is a very underrated and often little used talent. Doing so can:-

  • reduce the time of the buying/selling process or finding a solution to a trading issue
  • better equip participants to achieve a 'win win' outcome

Trainings include a number of simple exercises demonstrating the benefits of using these memorable techniques, equipping participants to walk back to their desks and repeat these skills immediately.

The art of good listening

In our busy working lives, it is so easy to miss part of what is being said to us. There are many reasons for this. Hothouse provides a selection of useful tools enabling your staff to improve their telephone as well as face to face listening capabilities. The benefits are numerous. For example:-

  • sales rates can increase
  • efficiencies develop
  • communications speed up
  • misunderstandings, both inside and outside the organisation, decline

Realigning Business Goals

Simple but meaningful exercises will assist your teams in better understanding the vision and goals set by management groups. With the work force pulling in the same direction, management team targets can more easily be met.

Pooling Resources

Organising for staff to be away from their desks long enough to consider and discuss commercial issues can have remarkable results. Sharing information across a business and gaining feedback from individuals and teams is a valuable resource that needs to be regularly tapped into.

Having an independent facilitator to co-ordinate and encourage participants to share their ideas, delivers workable and creative solutions that would otherwise could have remained undiscovered. These workshops are also excellent vehicles for building teams.

Career Planning

To ensure the focus of successful people, a supply of talent in key roles and grow talent, career planning is now an essential part of company people development policies. It is an outline of steps required to achieve a chosen career path and a description of the capabilities required to enable successful performance in a chosen job. The five main stages of a career plan feature in these sessions, in preparation for inclusion in Personal Development Plans.

There are paybacks to this training:-

For your staff - career planning increases their chances of success enabling the aligning of personal goals with those of their employer. It also provides a clear focus and enhances motivation and satisfaction.

For the organisation - the spotlight on investment in learning increases retention by encouraging a sense of belonging and career longevity.

Skills Training

Dedicated skills training, both for specific roles and business sectors is available on request.

More Topics

Being fully aware all companies are different, as are the people working within them, we avoid a one size fits all approach. The Hothouse training team have many more subjects in its portfolio and will develop programmes meeting your specific organisation's requirements. Please click on the contact button to arrange an initial discussion.

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