Over the years, the Hothouse team have been tasked with sourcing products and services as well as negotiating and renegotiating contracts over a wide range of disciplines. Whether you need to:-

Hothouse can help with these projects, however intricate.

While managers and staff are busy running their companies, we are aware they often lack time to devote to searching for new suppliers or going through the fine detail of tendering or renegotiation processes. With extensive buying and keen negotiating skills, Hothouse uses these key capabilities to increase service levels, improve quality and substantially reduce costs for our clients. We have saved clients hundreds of thousands of pounds, even by investigating a small but costly area of expenses. To give a flavour for some of the types of successful projects already completed:-

Sourcing Products and Services

Negotiating and renegotiating contracts

Often projects require creative thinking to produce the outcome clients are looking for. Our solutions are tailored flexibly to each set of circumstances.

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Case Studies

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